PboL Business Meeting – February 2024

February 2024 Meeting Minutes

Trick, Dusty, Tabitha, Jesse, Spudz, James, Steven, Bob, Robbie, Shadow, Jim, Josh, Stephen, Sunny, Rex, TK, Gabe, Vinyl, Tak, Kenna, Mame, Dominick, Shine, Jax, Zach, Peter, Austin, Michael, Chris, Jeff, Rod, Chase, Justin, Don, Anthony, Willie, Colin, Eric, Dani, Scarecrow, Patrick, Richard, Justin, Volkov, Jake

Quorum: Met, Yes

Discussion/Demo Topics:

  • How to Navigate Polyamorous Relationships: 22 votes
  • Ethical Bratting: 15 votes
  • Consent in Public Spaces: 29 votes
  • DIY Kink: 22 votes
  • Hands-on Demo on How to Maintain Personal Leather by Ben with assistance from Tabitha: 30 votes
  • Hot Wax: 18 votes


  • Shadow motions to support Rod for IML fund. The motion has passed.


  • Motion to order 9 member patches and 1 Kinsmen patch by Patrick: 18 yes votes, no abstains. Motion passes.
  • Interest shown for two pins, with 91 pins currently in stock.


  • Update to the logo proposed.
  • Plan to post the options in Telegram along with the old logo.

New Location:

  • Committee formation to find a new 18+ location without alcohol for the boys.
  • Committee Members: Dani, Jake, Justin, Rocko
  • Potential Option: The Chill Room, 1320 E Broadway Rd Suite 108, Tempe, AZ 85202, Contact – Anthony Cartagena (480 688 3740)

Mentee Process:

  • Committee formation to review the Mentee process.
  • Facilitator: Patrick
  • Committee Members: Shadow, Jim, Rod, Dani, Josh


  • Renaissance Festival scheduled for March 3rd.

Membership Vote:

  • Justin to be voted in as a member.

Official Friend Vote:

  • Gabe to be voted in as an Official Friend.


  • A calendar will be added to the Leather Journal.