PboL Business Meeting – April 2024

PboL Business Meeting Minutes

Date: April 4, 2024


Trick, Crit, TK, Scarecrow, Chris (Tug), Scream, Tak, Jake, Eric, Jesse, Stephan, Miah, Keenan, Ben, Justin Doyle, Britt, Rod, Taz, Justin de Reaux, Josh, Peter, Austin, Wink, Ryan, Patrick O, Rex, Zach, Joe, Sam, Michael May, Douglas, Shine, Rocko, Dusty, Eric

Welcome & Intro:

Old Business:

  • Gear Night
  • Demo Night
  • Rainbows Fest
  • Bizarre Bizarre
  • Treasury: up to $500
  • Patches have arrived ($60 each). Contact Patrick O to purchase.
    • 9 boy patches
    • 1 kinsperson patch
    • 91 Pins
    • 60 20th Anniversary Pins
    • 17 Boyrun pins from 2022
    • 11 Boyrun pins from 2020
  • 9 Mentees: Taz, Tug, Josh, Stephen, Britt, Keenan, Scarecrow

New Business:


  • Will work with the Leather Archives
  • Intend to work with the Website
  • Still building framework
  • Consider adding historian to guidelines
  • Rod motioned “To create a historian position.” – 18 yes votes

APEX Boys History:

  • APEX wants to know if the boys would come down on a Monday or Friday night, to talk about the history of the Phoenix boys of Leather.
  • APEX invites boys proficient at BDSM skills to teach. Instructors do not need to be APEX members and can get in for free.
  • Rex will lead this committee.

Puppies at Copper Cactus Ranch:

  • Puppy Takeover the weekend of April 27th.
  • Pups and the boys are invited.

Welcoming Newcomers:

  • Ensuring newcomers feel welcome and get to know members at socials and meetings.

Erotic Art Show:

  • Exposed Art Gallery, April 5th.
  • Peter will be playing music.
  • Eric and the Matts will be modeling for drawing.

Discussion/Demo Night (April 18th):

  • Consent in Public Spaces: 33 votes
  • Civic Literacy: 34 votes
  • Ethical Bratting: 11 votes
  • The Art of Conversation Part 2: 35 votes

Puppy Contest:

  • Rocko and Britt are judges
  • 9 Contestants
  • Weekend of May 4th at Kobalt and the Rock

Mr. Anvil Leather Contest:

  • April 13th at Anvil

NuTowne Leather Sale:

  • This Saturday, April 6th, 1-5pm

Denver Boy Run:

  • June 6th – 9th

Play Friendly Party:

  • Will cover consent, Pep and Prep, U=U
  • Encourages safety planning
  • Aiming for a national campaign
  • Health committee to pitch ideas

Members and Mentees Skills Party:

  • April 20th in Tempe, 2-6pm

Logo Revisit & Committee:

  • Want to revisit the logo and the idea of ranked choice voting.
  • Logo committee will discuss technical requirements and the process for voting.
  • Dusty will lead the committee, with Shine, Rod, and Felix assisting.
  • Plan to present the basic process by July.
  • The logo will be presented the following month or so.
  • Don and a new member from Oregon willing to help.


  • New shirt orders being organized.
  • Patrick O will send out a Google form for orders.
  • Fully filled out forms will result in shirt orders.