PboL Business Meeting – December 2022


  • 15 Members (including 4 Kinsmen). Quorum was met.
  • 6 Mentees.
  • 2 Official Friends.
  • 10 Guests.

Peter called the meeting to order. Vinyl read the Mission Statement. Introductions were made.

Old Business:

  1. Wax-A-Bear:
    • $11,355 was raised for the Lambda Phoenix Center.
    • Peter expressed gratitude to all, especially guests and mentees that volunteered.
    • Patrick O. thanked the waxees and Wayne for their participation.
    • Wax-A-Bear Committee will hold a post-mortem meeting on December 8th at 7:00 PM.
    • Patrico O. shared details about expenses/donations.
    • Eric proposed selecting and vetting beneficiary organizations as early as June.
    • Vinyl & Ryan are still processing and distributing photos.
  2. Build-A-Bear.
  3. Gear Night.

New Business:

  1. 2023 Board Nominations:
    • January Business meeting is scheduled for the 12th.
    • Nominations are open until 23:59, 12/31/2022.
      • Ryan: Secretary.
      • Trick: Vice President (Accepted).
      • Peter: President (Accepted).
      • Justin: Secretary (Accepted).
      • Patrick O.: Treasurer (Accepted).
    • Quorum for the year will be set at the January meeting. Regular attendees are encouraged to participate.
  2. Guidelines/By-Laws Update:
    • Updates are needed for VP, Secretary, and Membership to align with the new mentee process created in 2022.
    • Rocko motioned to form a committee for a review, with a final recommendation to the entire club. Dusty seconded the motion. The motion passed with a 10/0/0 vote.
  3. Nasty Santa:
    • Phoenix Theater Company has loaned a chair for Santa during the event.
    • RipplePHX will be present, park their testing bus, and match donations to TransSpectrum of AZ.
    • Kenneth will provide Santa’s paddle.
  4. MMPL – Kenneth:
    • Event dates are from January 5-8.
    • Tickets are now on sale.
    • A few volunteers are required to manage the door at Anvil.
  5. December Discussion Night (Led by Kenneth and Dani):
    • Christmas Themed Demos: 27 votes.
    • Kink Gift Brainstorming: 12 votes.
    • Body Image Discussion: 20 votes.
  6. The club will consider Pembertons as a new meeting venue. A dinner visit is planned on December 8th for an evaluation.