PboL Business Meeting – February 2023

PboL Business Meeting Agenda
February 2023
Meeting Date: 2/2/2023
Time Meeting Started: 7:20pm

  1. Greeting and Mission Statement
    • Mission Statement: Read by Scotty
  2. Introductions and Question
    • Question: What is your saying on the candy heart (assuming you are the candy heart)?
    • Members: 13
    • Kinsmen: 2
    • Mentee: 8
    • Official Friends: 1
    • Guests: 12
  3. Board Updates
    • President: Street closures next week due to Super Bowl might affect the meeting
    • Vice President: None
    • Treasurer: 2 kinsmen patches sold, 1 left; $351 total in treasury
    • Secretary: None
  4. Old Business
    • Elections last month
    • Gear night last Saturday at Anvil (only 2 bartenders present). Xavier and Ben were bootblacks
    • Discussion last month: Setting intentions – managed by Rod, Mark, & Eric (focusing on setting goals and overcoming obstacles)
  5. New Business
    • Mentor Meeting: This Sunday at 1pm at Rocko’s. Discussion centered around mentees. For members/mentors only
    • Gear Night: Scheduled for 2/25, the last Saturday of the month
    • Ripple: Presentation by Jeremy about Ripple’s participation in Gear Night, with concerns and solutions discussed. Motion passed to partner with Ripple for Gear Night
    • Discussion Night Ideas: Various topics were suggested with “Art of cruising” being the winning topic
    • Pins and Patches: Discussion about inventory and restocking, with fundraising ideas for patches/pins brought up
    • Naughty Valentines: Event on 2/11 for the Queer Center
    • Queer Center Gay Rodeo: 2/18 and 2/19, with volunteer opportunities
    • Artists of the Floating World: Event on 2/25 showcasing community talent as a fundraiser
    • By-Laws Committee: Open invitation to join the committee (members and kinsmen only)
    • Western Boy Run – Las Vegas: Event from 9/8-10, details provided
    • Additional Announcements: TK’s birthday on 2/25, Sam’s discussion offer on 3/16, and volunteer opportunities for the Empress ball on 2/10

Meeting Ended: 8:38pm
Note: Xavier requested that event dates be posted in the dinner chat.