PboL Business Meeting – January 2024

Discussion Night & Upcoming Events

Discussion Night (January 18th):

  • “Be a Boy or Leather Boy”: 40 votes
  • “Ethical Bratting”: 30 votes
  • “Stress Positions and Predicament Bondage”: 29 votes

Upcoming Events:

  • Gear Night (January 27th):
    • Saving demos for February so we can get it on the poster.
  • Anvil Poster Contest:
    • January 5th.
  • Mr. and Ms. Phoenix Leather:
    • Next month.
    • Applications at mrphoenixleather.com, deadline January 24th.
    • Cigar social, bus tour, contest, parking lot party.
    • Sunday brunch and celebration in the afternoon.
    • Tickets available on Facebook, discount code “earlybirds.”
    • Volunteers needed.
  • Southwest Leather Daddy Bear, Cub, and Momma Bear Contest:
    • January 20th, 7pm at NueTown.
  • Fitness Pups:
    • This Saturday.
  • Artists of the Floating World:
    • February 24th, 6pm at Exposed Gallery.
    • Queer and Kinky Salon.
    • Tickets on Mr. and Ms. Phoenix Leather site.
    • Submission deadline February 4th. Submissions via Facebook.
  • Bonsai and Pottery Event:
    • At the Japanese Friendship Garden, Sunday at 10am.

Anvil Commitment to Inclusion:

  • Incident with a staff member.
  • Motion to keep our colors at Anvil as discussions continue.
  • Reconvene in 3 months: 23 Yes votes.

Membership and Kinship Votes:

  • Voting for Membership:
    • Tak: Voted in.
    • Boye: Voted in.
  • Voting for Kinship:
    • Douglas: Voted in.

Meeting Notes by:
Dusty, Secretary