PboL Business Meeting – June 2023

PboL Business Meeting – June 2023

Greeting: Meeting called to order at 7:15pm

Mission Statement: Read by Dani

Introduction and Question: What is your favorite type of media for entertainment and learning?


  • Members: 15
  • Mentees: 4
  • Kinsfolk: 2
  • Official friend: 2
  • Guest: 17

Board Updates

  • President: Spoke about uncertainty of location.
  • Treasurer: 4 patches sold. Down to 5 member patches.
  • Vice President: We need more mentors.
  • Secretary: No updates.

Old Business

  1. Gear night: Ripple was present and several people got tested!
  2. Shenanigans in Chicago (IML). Mathew Moody 2nd runner up.
  3. Discussion night (collars) got rained out.
  4. Loki got married!
  5. PboL boys helped at the coronation.
  6. Impromptu movie nights!
  7. Boys present at MMPL send off.

New Business

  1. MMPL Travel Fund (Ryan): MMPL 1. Justin may have some stuff for the basket. Patrick has several bottles of alcohol. Rex willing to donate items. Kenneth will donate the basket and head it up. The ask of sharing the August Gear Night with Austin for his MMPL Singlet event was proposed. Motion passes. Group is okay with sharing gear night PboL with Austin.
  2. Wax a Bear charities nominations:
    • Queer Center: 12 (Winner!)
    • Japanese Friendship Garden: 2
    • Sonoran Prevention Works: 7
    • Transqueer pueblo: 9
    • Lambda Center: 6
  3. 2023 Western boy Run (9/8-10): Weekend after Labor Day in Las Vegas. Justin found an adorable hotel – talk to Justin! Justin would like to plan a night to see a show – talk to Justin!
  4. Camping (10/6-8): 2nd weekend. Sam has extra camping gear if needed – see them if you need more gear! More information will come out as we get closer.
  5. Gear Night (6/24): Demos! Peter will talk to Tim.
  6. July Gear Night Demos: Moved demos to June.
  7. Harm Reduction training (6/22): Ryan will ask them to have the full training!
  8. Consent reminder: IML had a consent poster that was really cool! Peter talked about consent.
  9. Review of the mentorship process.
  10. Members and Kinsfolk closed session.