PboL Business Meeting – March 2023

PboL March Business Meeting
Meeting started at 7:19pm

  1. Greeting
  2. Mission Statement
    • Read by Shadow
  3. Introductions
    • Question: What is your favorite cereal?
    • Members: 11 (Quorum met)
    • Mentee: 6
    • Kinsmen: 3
    • Guests: 10
    • Official friend: 2
  4. Board Reports
    • President: None
    • Vice President: None
    • Treasurer: None
    • Secretary: None
  5. Old Business
    • Gearnight: First night we had Ripple. 22 tested. Linked 2 folks to care.
    • Artists of the Floating World: Boys attended.
    • Discussion Night: Art of cruising
    • Matsuri: Boys joined TK for her birthday.
    • Naughty Valentines Event
  6. New Business
    • The Grand: Requests – back gate stays closed. Enter through the front. If there are any issues, let the Grand know.
    • Discussion Night (Joe and Sam’s): They are throwing a wedding reception.
      Ideas for discussion night:
      • Food Play: 7 votes
      • Fisting Demo: 17 votes (17 on recount)
      • Get to Know the Mentees: 23 votes (Winner: Kenneth will lead)
      • Sounding: 17 votes (10 on recount)
      • Grooming as a Fetish (Erotic Grooming): 17 votes (15 on recount)
      • Sexy Massage: 17 votes (20 on recount, winner if the mentee discussion does not work out. Eric will co-lead.)
      • Mental Health in Kink: 15 votes
      Recount happened in case the mentee discussion does not work out.
    • Gear Night: Try to do demos quarterly. Will do demos for March. Rocko will take the lead. Rex and Justin will help.
    • Boys at the Ren Faire (3/12): Group photo right inside the entrance at noon. (Note: Dusty is going this Sunday at 10am. They have invited the boys.)
    • Statement Regarding How to Vet Charities for Wax a Bear: Begin thinking about charities. Vet the charity to ensure it’s a nonprofit and will abide by our rules.
    • MMPL: Kenneth thanked all volunteers.
    • Beard and Kilts Sale of PboL Items: 16 grouped items in the treasury. Rod suggests using next week’s social to gather the gear. Trick motioned for the leather inventory of the gear in the treasury at Kilts and Beards event. It was seconded by Michael May. The motion passed with 10 votes in favor and 1 abstention.
    • Telegram Group Chats: Reminder that chats are to be safe for work: no porn.
    • By-Laws Update and Vote: The term “Kinsperson” doesn’t need hyphenation. Rocko confirmed this was intentional. The motion to approve the bylaws as proposed by the committee was passed.
    • Discussion of Meeting at Trinity: After a discussion on the pros and cons of relocating to the church, the decision was made not to move.
    • Mini Patches (Eric): Proposal for miniature versions of patches for purses, jackets, pets, and plushies. The design remains unchanged, only the size will be reduced. Dusty motioned for the acceptance of these smaller patches. The motion passed with 6 votes in favor, 2 opposed, and 2 abstentions.
    • APAH: Monday “puppyoake” at The Rock, 10pm.