PboL Business Meeting – March 2024

Trick, Shadow, Ben, Gabe, Vinyl, Kenan, Chris, Shine, Michael May, Justin, Robbie, Sam, Zack, Jim, Tak, Alex, Miah, Kenneth, Rex, Patrick, Rocko, Justin DeRoe, Eric, Jake, Jesse, Dusty, Austin

Board Updates:

  • Patches have been ordered, $293 remaining in the treasury.
  • T-shirts, we are still taking orders, approximately $17 each depending on quantity.

Old Business:

  • Last month’s activities:
    • David’s Birthday
    • Artists of the Floating World
    • Gear Night
    • Renaissance Festival
    • Leather Care Demo by TK
    • Mr and Mrs Phx Contest
    • Rodeo
    • Skills Party at Sam’s
  • Mentorship Process:
    • One meeting held with another upcoming.
  • Website:
    • No updates.
  • Meeting Location:
    • A Telegram group is set up, hopeful about a specific location.
    • Plans for a social at Ripple post-renovations.
  • Health Committee:
    • Interested members should reach out to Rocko on Telegram.
  • Anvil Updates:
    • All-gender restroom and door locks have been fixed.
    • Plans to update consent posters.

New Business:

  • Discussion Night (March 21st):
    • Love Languages: 17 votes
    • Ethical Bratting: 17 votes
    • Wax Demo: 7 votes
    • Green Flags and Pink Flags: 22 votes
    • Benefits and Stigma around Poly: 14 votes
    • DIY Kink: 13 votes
    • Dildo Play and Health: 26 votes
  • Gear Night Theme/Demos:
    • Justin will be helping to lead the setup.
    • Theme: Bunnies (rope bunnies, bunny floggers, etc.)
  • Brit – Phoenix Leather Community Events:
    • Proposal for a scavenger hunt to encourage interclub dialogue, targeted for June 22nd.
    • Need to finalize a list of needed roles.
  • Brit – Voices of Community Calendar:
    • Needs help hosting for a competition night. Potential helpers: Austin, Pup Eric, Tak. Helping to determine what’s needed.
  • Voter Registration Initiatives
  • APEX PbOL History
  • Kenneth – MMPL Update and Puppy Event:
    • ASL Interpreters
    • Concerns about members of that group not being present at our meetings.
  • Logo:
    • Voted on VC.
  • Photo Shoot:
    • Vinyl wants to coordinate.