PboL Business Meeting – May 2023

PboL May Business Meeting Agenda


Mission Statement: To be read


  • Members: 13
  • Mentees: 6
  • Guests: 17
  • Official Friend: 2
  • Kinsmen: 4

Question for the attendees: If you could bring back any horrible fashion trend, what would it be?

Board Reports:

  • President: None
  • Vice President: None
  • Treasurer: Sarge finishing patches and pins. Expected completion by next week.
  • Secretary: Not specified

Old Business:

  • Gear Night: 27 people tested.
  • Discussion Night: Focus on polyamorous relationships.

New Business:

Gear Night: Coincides with the same weekend as IML. Those not attending IML are encouraged to show up!

Discussion Night Topics:

  1. Collars and what they mean: 33 attendees. Sir Eric will lead, with involvement from Bravius, Spike, and Rex.
  2. How the boys have impacted your life: 14 attendees.
  3. Before care, with a focus on neurodivergence: 16 attendees.
  4. Harm reduction: 13 attendees.
  5. Rope demo: 26 attendees.
  6. Erotic hair removal: 24 attendees.
  7. Boot worship: 17 attendees.

Announcement: Need for a WAB (Wax A Bear?) committee. Committee to be formed by the June business meeting. Call for charities will be made at the June meeting.

Harm Reduction Meeting (by Ryan): Set for 6/22/2023 at 7pm, to be held at Rocko’s.

Name Tags (proposed by Trick): Magnetic name tags with a one-time setup cost, estimated at about $8 each. Members’ vote is required since it involves the use of the group’s colors. Trick proposed the motion to procure the tags, and will oversee the process. The motion was passed.

“Anything but Clothes” Event (by ALBAC and Bears of the West, introduced by Ryan): Attendees should wear anything but regular clothes. The event benefits the Queer Center.

IML Send-Off for Matthew Moody (presented by Peter): Scheduled for 5/21 from 2-6pm at Kolbalt.

Camping Dates: The camping event is set for 10/6-10/8.

Session: Member/Kinsfolk only discussion.