PboL Business Meeting – May 2024

PboL Meeting Minutes

Date: May 2, 2024

Members in Attendance

Rocko, Jake, Brit, Jim, Zach, Vinyl, Dusty, Scarecrow, Chris, TK, Josh, Justin, Selene, Austin, Peter, Rex, Patrick, Shadow, Stephan, Justin, Michael, Scream, Spark, Jesse, Tak, Ben, Robbie, Bob, Kenneth, Wink

Joke of the Night

Asking “What movie was playing?” any time someone tells a sex story, especially if there is no movie relevant to the story.

Old Business

  • Skills party
  • Gear night
  • Testing Ripple as a location
  • Discussion Night
  • Celebrated Rocko’s Birthday
  • Ben’s last recital
  • Exhibit at Exposed Gallery
  • Anvil leather contest – Dennis won
  • Boots and cigars for ALBAC
  • CLAW in Cleveland

New Business

Board Reports

  • 5 boy patches, down from 9
  • $500 in the treasury
  • Lots of pins
  • 10 Mentees

Anvil Case Revision

  • Mission statement poster
  • Consider adding a calendar if someone has the time to update it every month.
  • Shadow motioned to accept the committee’s recommendations. Peter seconded it.


  • Apex wants to do a panel on the boys’ history

Mentor Committee

  • New mentees will get a mentorship package with the following items:
    • Journal
    • History of PboL
    • Membership application
  • Mentees will help lead a discussion, maximum of two mentees per discussion. Contact the committee for more info.
  • Reference conflict resolution document should be added to the website.
  • Motion by Patrick to accept the Mentor Committee’s suggestions as they are with no modifications. Motion passed.
  • Cost of covering packets will be discussed later.


  • Positives:
    • Not a bar space
    • More private
    • More quiet
    • More open space
    • New space for growth
    • Queer community space
  • Negatives:
    • Limited parking
    • Dark and safety concerns
    • Homophobic lighting and sterile feeling
    • Warm environment
    • Lack of refreshments
    • Limited privacy as staff can hear us
  • Crime statistics are about the same as they are at the Rock.
  • Create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to clarify expectations.
  • Ripple has offered to have a fridge for ice and drinks.
  • Motion by Jake to move to Ripple on Thursdays after the MOU has been signed and accepted. Draft of the MOU will be written by the committee and voted on by chat poll. Seconded by Scream. Motion was then retracted.
  • Peter motioned for the Committee to work with Ripple on an MOU, which will be put up for discussion and vote. Seconded by Michael May. Motion passed.

IML Sendoff

  • For Boy Rod and Sir Austin on May 11th at Bunkhouse from 2-6pm. Leather sale/swap, cigar social.

Project Condom

  • Condom fashion show on Saturday, July 13th, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Entertainment before, during, and after the fashion show.
  • Local comedian and double dutcher will entertain as well.
  • Only one dresser and one model on the date of the event.

Arizona Puppy Weekend

  • This weekend. Visit AZPuppyWeekend.com and Instagram for more info.

July Meeting

  • Scheduled for July 4th.
  • Shadow motioned to move the business meeting on July 4th to the following week. Jake seconded.

Discussion Topics

  • Kinky Crafts: 16 votes
  • Sensory and Hot Wax Play: 15 votes
  • Navigating Dynamics and Relationships: 21 votes
  • Consent in Public Spaces: 21 votes
  • Ethical Bratting: 17 votes
  • Civic Literacy: 22 votes – Led by Patrick O, Stephan, and Chris