PboL Business Meeting – October 2022

Date: 10/6/22


  • Mission Statement was read.
  • Board: 4
  • Members: 9
  • Kinsmen: 5
  • Friends: 1
  • Mentees: 6
  • Guests: 15


  • Ryan and Eric: Ryan proposed to Eric, who said YES!


  • There’s a need for more mentors.

Old Business:

  1. Boy Run:
    • The event was flexible and well-managed.
    • Need to sign cards for the pool party hosts.
    • Run pins available for $5 for anyone interested.
    • The event was $80 short in covering all expenses.
    • Gratitude extended to the volunteers.
    • Las Vegas might host the boy run next year.
  2. Pets on Parade:
    • Photos of human pets were taken to raise money for “Wax A Bear”.
    • Bunk House was commended as a great venue.
  3. Discussion/Demo on Wax Play:
    • Some attendees experienced wax for the first time.
  4. Gear Night:
    • The night was a success.
  5. Camping:
    • The camping trip was a success and lots of fun.

New Business:

  1. Wax A Bear (November 19th, 9 pm to Midnight):
    • Raised $978 through fundraisers (color a bear & pets on parade).
    • This year will feature 9 bears.
    • Logistics: 2 interpreters, $100 on basket fillers, all waxees confirmed, 4 bootblacks, 2 emcees, 3 photographers.
    • Volunteers Needed: Door personnel, raffle ticket sellers, runners, wranglers, money counters, setup and tear-down teams.
    • For volunteering, contact TK.
    • RSVP and promote the event on Facebook.
    • On November 6th, there’s a “Build A Bear” event at Scottsdale Fashion Square.
  2. Fear Farm (Friday the 14th, 7:30 pm):
    • Tickets are $28.
    • Get general admission without extras.
    • Attendees should bring cash for funnel cake and wear comfortable attire.
  3. Pride Parade (October 16th):
    • Await details from Patrick.
    • Those willing to bring their cars should contact Peter (only 2 cars allowed).
    • Request banners from Anvil.
    • Special thanks to Jesse for sponsoring the parade.
  4. Gear Night (October 29th, 9 pm):
    • Theme: Gear Night in costumes.
  5. Discussion Night (October 20th):
    • Topics & Votes:
      • Kinky Contracts: 14
      • Leather Family Expectations: 19
      • Trauma-Informed Kink Practice: 18
      • Chastity: 14
      • Red & Green Flags in Vetting Partners: 17
      • What Does It Mean to Be a Boy: 27
    • Discussion Leaders for “What Does It Mean to Be a Boy”: Shadow, Devin, Scream. Eric can be asked for questions.
  6. Nasty Santa:
    • Scheduled for December.
    • Brainstorm fundraising ideas in November.
    • Need someone to lead the event.
    • Exact date still pending.
  7. Erotic Art Gallery: Happening this weekend.
  8. 2023 Board Nominations: Time to get nominations for the board next year.
  9. Mr. and Ms. Phoenix Leather: Scheduled for the weekend of January 7th.
  10. 20th Anniversary Pins: Coordinate with Patrick.
  11. Gifting Anvil: Discussion on providing a cooler to Anvil for water.