PboL Business Meeting – October 2023

October Business Meeting Phx boys of Leather Date: 10/5/23


  • Greetings and Mission Statement read by Trick

Introductions and Attendance:

  • Members: 14
  • Kinsmen: 4
  • Mentees: 3
  • Official Friends: 1
  • Guests: 6

Board Reports:

  • President: [No specific update provided]
  • Vice President: 8 mentees
  • Treasurer: $271 in funds, 3 member patches, 1 kinsmen patch, 101 member pins, 65 20th-anniversary pins
  • Secretary: [No specific update provided]

Old Business:

  • Las Vegas boy run: Plans for a formal thank you
  • Discussion night on preparing for leather events; highlights included shared good experiences and information on Mr. BNB.
  • Pets on Parade: Raised approximately $100
  • Gear Night

New Business:

  • Wax-a-Bear Report:
    • Event on Nov 18th, 9 pm
    • Build a Bear on Sat, Nov 4th, 11 am at Scottsdale Fashion Square, birth date set as the date of WAB
    • Donations being collected for baskets and silent auctions; give to Tak, Rocko, or pup shine
    • Volunteer signup sheet to be released after the camping trip
    • Basket building at Rocko’s on Nov 2nd, 9th, 16th
    • Thank you card signing at November discussion night
  • Fundraiser with Ripple (Jeremy):
    • 10 volunteers needed for $400-$600 on Saturday 10-2
    • 360 Photo Booth: $20 per spin, $5 goes to the non-profit if HIV service is used
    • Poll for decision to be created in the dinner chat by pup shine, assisted by Patrick
    • Vote to put up the poll – passed
  • Camping (10/6-8):
    • Group photo planned for Saturday
  • Discussion Night (10/19):
    • Sensory/deprivation demo by Eric & Zach: 22 votes
    • Fetish vs. kink: 9 votes
    • Relationships in kink and starting points: 7 votes
    • Working through shame in kink: 19 votes
  • Scarizona (Sat 10/21, 7 PM):
    • Post-event sleepover with heated pool
    • Pride parade group walk the next morning
    • Meet at the entrance for haunted houses; discount tickets available at Taco Bell
  • Pride Parade (Sun 10/22, 10 AM):
    • Group 211, featuring one vehicle (Bob’s vehicle)
    • Be there by 9:30 am; street-legal vehicle required
    • APAH and valley leather woman joining
    • Bring water and look for Kenneth with the big hanky flag
  • Gear Night (Sat 10/28): [Details not provided]
  • Build-a-Bear: [Details not provided]
  • Nasty Santa Fundraiser:
    • Led by pup shine with Chris, Scream, Kenneth, Eric (flyer design), and Sam on the committee
    • Chair provided by Stephan
    • Dates proposed: Dec 9th, 16th
    • Discussion of charity options for voting
  • Website Update:
    • Robbie seeking to restore the legacy domain of the website
    • Dusty mentions built-in safety nets for domain issues
  • Merchandise:
    • Inquiries about shirts by Patrick and Michael
    • Member and Kinsmen shirts forthcoming
  • New Board Election:
    • Scheduled for Thursday, Jan 11
  • Other Business: [Not specified]