PboL Business Meeting – July 2023

PboL July Business Meeting Date: 7/6/2023

Greeting and Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement: read by Jonathan


  • Question: would you rather have cookies, brownies, cake, or pie?


  • Members: 17
  • Guests: 9
  • Kinsfolk: 4
  • Mentees: 5
  • Official friend: 4

Board Reports

  • President: thank you to everyone who has respected the Sundays and Mondays off.
  • Vice President: none
  • Treasurer: $141 available, 5 patches, 1 kin patch, 100 new pins from Sarge.
  • Secretary: none

Old Business

  • Harm reduction training
  • Dog park dissidents
  • Monsoon gear night with RipplePhx. Ben and TK were bootblacking, 3-hour rope scene, and impact play.
  • Violet wand education workshop with Scotty.
  • PboL attended Smash Bros.

New Business

  • Lambda Presentation (Oscar)
  • Discussion Night (7/20) Ideas:
    • Etiquette class: 26
    • Before care: 10
    • Aftercare: 11
    • Kink & neurodivergence: 28 (winner). Presented by Lito, Hart, Selene, and Shadow.
    • Extended dynamics: 23
    • How PboL has impacted your life: 20
  • Gear Night (7/29): RipplePhx
  • Wax a Bear update, including Color a Bear fundraiser (Jake):
    • Color A Bear Dates proposed date: 7/27 (social) – pending depending on details.
  • Western boy Run (9/8-10): plan for lodging early!
  • Camping: 10/6,7,8th. Schnebly hill road.
  • Grit and Glamour fundraiser for the Queer Center, Sat 7/8 8PM to midnight (Jesse or Ryan).
  • ALBAC Community get together at NuTowne, Sat 7/15, 9PM.
  • MMPL fundraiser Aug 26 (Austin): singlet. Committee formed.
  • Southwest decadence: last weekend of July. Tickets are available online and presale ends at 7/17. No tickets sold at the door. TK will share the info in the boys’ chats.
  • Violet wand class tomorrow 7/7 led by Scotty.
  • July 22nd: Dave and busters Chase and Jai’s going away party.
  • July 30th: moving party for Jai and Chase.
  • 2nd Wednesday of every month: ABDL events at Bunkhouse 7-9ish.
  • Trans focus group for mpox led by Jai.
  • ASU is hosting focus groups about mpox – Rocko is heading it up – speak to him if interested.